Symbian devices?

Me too!

I live in China. My USA based company wanted me to have a Palm so I could access my emails. I got the Palm, I can access my emails, and I installed Pleco.

Now, after 6 months, I hate getting my emails! Ugh. At work I have a laptop for emails. Do I really need to access them 24/7 when I'm at home? No way. And the Palm is a horrible phone (bad bad bad reception) and has a worse camera.

I want my Nokia back.

But the Nokia does not have Pleco.

So, the only reason I am still using the Palm is Pleco. I don't check my emails any more. The reception is terrible. I hate the camera. It is basically just a tool to run Pleco (especially the flashcards).

So please please please develop a symbian based Pleco so I can go back to my Nokia ... !!!! ....


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Thanks for the feedback. Though most people don't seem to have quite that bad an experience with Palm... If things really get bad you could always get a cheap, non-phone Palm and use that for Pleco while carrying around a Nokia for e-mail and calls; given how bulky Treos are you wouldn't actually be carrying that much more.
!!!!! Excellent !!!!!

Thanks Mike for the suggestion. I'm embarrassed to say that never occurred to me.

I'll be asking soon how to transfer from the Palm 680 to a non-phone Palm!



Hi Mike,

Any new updates on the Symbian front? (Or Java front?) I've found some really poor compromises for Symbian, and definitely none are nowhere as good as Pleco. I got my E90, and it's great (don't miss anything from the Windows Mobile or Palm days), and does everything I want *except* Pleco. I know our touchscreenless and (sometimes) keyboardless phones aren't the best platform, but even just a pure pinyin and English lookup (without any character drawing input) would be a huge improvement over what exists in this market. Maybe something called PlecoLite for Symbian or something like that so people understand the functionality is reduced relative to the Palm/Windows Mobile versions of Pleco. And of course, the potential user market (although admittedly the attach rate for third party software) of Symbian is way bigger than either Palm or Microsoft, and even with the smaller attach rate has got to be pretty sizable, right?
I agree with Teriyaki. The Chinese - English dictionary on my phone is terrible too. It sure would be nice to have a lite version of Pleco on my phone. My PDA is too big for my pocket, so it resides in my backpack, but my cell phone is always close at hand. Even without character input or flashcards, just having the ABC on my cell phone (other than the Treo) would be a huge improvement then what's out there now.



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No new updates on this really, though as part of our buying-up-devices-we-might-want-to-develop-for campaign we did just order a Nokia E61. Basically the plan now is that after 2.0 comes out for Palm and Pocket PC we get to work on 2.1, which will add just a couple of new features to the Palm/PPC versions (desktop sync, enhanced radical input and maybe one or two other things) but will also add a real/full-fledged Windows desktop version and, most relevant to this particular thread, add support for touchscreen-less Windows Mobile smartphones. How the desktop and touchscreen-less WM versions do will dictate what we do next: if the desktop sells well and the WM Smartphone version doesn't, we'd probably look at porting to Mac OS (and thereby perhaps to iPhone), while if the Smartphone version sells well and the desktop version doesn't we'd probably be more inclined to look at Symbian et al, and if both versions sell well (or sell badly) we might put more of a focus on the online/web-based version.



Last week a friend asked me about a Symbion Version. That's why I checked this thread a bit.

Even I did not read it fully I think it might be helpful to some people to just get a flashcard system for Symbian. In combination with a full Desktop version I guess that might be quite usefull. I think even some people who own a PDA/Palm might have a symbian phone as well - so - provided it is cheap - might buy a flashcard system in addition.

All that of course just if symbian is not actually about to die ... I mean: who cares if his cell phone that he bought 2 years ago runs an os that is outdated now ... (by the time most people get a new one)
If I think about a handheld or a more expensive model however I am thinking twice since I might buy more software so that I can get a new model with the same os afterwards ...