Statistics: Cards learned... Per Day?


If I click on "Statistics" and then "Flashcards" on the top, and then choose a scorefile, it will list the supposed amounts of cards I learned for the day. I am studying several categories and not using SRS. I feel the number shown is not accurate.

I have a spread sheet to keep track of how many cards I get right for each day. I do this by screenshoting my final statistics for each scorefile at the end of each day.

If I instead click on "flashcards" and then click the specific small batch I am learning and add up all those "Cards Learned" and compare what I did today versus yesterday it does not match. For example, searching manually, and comparing against my spread sheet, yesterday I calculate I learned 67 words but according to this overall "flashcards" page, I learned 56+9+14 = 79. I havent started flashcard studying yet today.

I can keep manually tracking my progress but I just thought it would be easy to just look on this general "Flashcards" page and change my scorefiles at the bottom to see how many I learned per day within each scorefile. I appreciate any help, if I have to keep track with my spreadsheet I will continue to do so.



Staff member
Sorry, 'per day' is a long term average - it's not telling you how many you learned this particular day.