Setting up the Pleco --> Anki link meaningfully



I searched the internet and reddit but it did not lead me anywhere! I also posted it on chinese forums: but i think here is were it really belongs.
I stumbled across the possibility to add pleco entries to ankidroid, which was eye-opening.
Now I am look for a way to improve these flashcards.
I have to major and one minor issue:
1. I want to export the cards as two types (CN->EN, EN->CN) with one click. How is that possible.
2. I want to add sound to the card. so that the pronunciation plays when I turn the card.

1. I would like to export an example sentence... only characters would do.

I would not mind putting in some extra work on the Pc...

Are there any ways to achieve that?

Thanks a lot in advance!


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1) For that you'd want to pick a note type that automatically generates cards in both directions.

2) If you check your AnkiDroid settings, there's support for integrating with Android's built-in Chinese TTS engines for audio playback. (doesn't work on the PC version as far as I know)

3) Turn on Settings / Definition Screen / "+ for each example."


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Unfortunately no, iOS doesn't really offer the ability for apps to talk to each other via custom APIs like that at the moment so even if Anki wanted to offer such an API on iOS they wouldn't be able to.