1. M

    App crashes after selecting Ankidroid for flashcards

    Hi there, I just got a new phone and set up Pleco on it. On my previous phone (also Android) I had set Pleco to use Ankidroid for the flashcards and it was working just fine. After getting the new phone I changed the setting to use Ankidroid for flashcards, it changed but the deck selection...
  2. D

    AnkiDroid flashcard integration: some issues and suggestions

    Hello everyone, First let me say that I searched the forums and couldn't find any discussion on the topics that I raise here. I've discovered the AnkiDroid integration feature recently and I really enjoy the swiftness of card creation that it allows. Nevertheless, here are a few issues in...
  3. Xyde

    My experiences with Pleco -> Anki droid. Some improvements that Pleco could use.

    I've put off studying Chinese for a while, but in lights of some obligations had to get back at it. Luckily, Pleco has some TTS... And god damn the new TTS sound so great, especially Qiang, so sexyyyyyyy---- <- this right here is a motivator. New husbando FTW. In lights of attempting a new...
  4. kangxiKilla

    Unable to make Bulk AnkiDroid Study Material with Pleco

    Hey Anki Power Users, I'm struggling with trying to make a frequency deck based on the Movie Subtitle Research: My strategy is to make a .csv of the words, import them into Pleco to pickup the translations, and then export them...
  5. S

    exporting flashcards from pleco to ankidroid

    Hello, I would like to export all my PAVC (Practical Audio Visual Cards) from Pleco to AnkiDroid and take advantage of this new feature, however I have been unable to find proper instructions on how to export my current flashcards. Specifically, I am using the wonderful deck generously created...