Screen OCR problem: screen shift while in landscape mode


Hello everyone,

I'm experiencing a weird bug (?) when using the screen OCR in landscape mode on Android.
When I activate the screen OCR, there is a shift between the detected text displayed on screen and the underneath original screen image :

It looks like the underneath screen image is re-displayed including the virtual Android buttons - because of this it gets resized and everything becomes misaligned.
A few weeks ago, the screen OCR used to work fine without this problem, maybe something broke with a new Pleco version (I don't think my phone did any major update).

Has anyone encountered this problem ?

Info about my device:
I'm using a Xiaomi Redmi Note 7, on MiUI 10.3.6 (Xiaomi's fork of Android, based on Android 9)

Thanks !


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Will investigate - honestly Screen OCR on devices with rounded screens is a nightmare, every OEM reports dimensions a little bit differently (and sometimes even differently between OS updates). We fixed some issues with Xiaomi phones in portrait mode on MIUI 11 recently and it's possible that broke something in landscape and/or broke something on MIUI 10.


Thanks a lot Mike,
Please don't hesitate to tell me if you need some additional tests or info to debug :)


Hi Mike,

I've tried updating to MIUI 11 to see if the problem was still there - and alas it is :( (11.0.8 to be precise, stable release)
Looks like the main issue behind the screen shift is indeed that the virtual buttons row (which gets displayed on the right in landscape mode) is also captured and re-displayed in the overlay (only in landscape mode).

In portrait mode, the button row at the bottom of the screen is correctly ignored from the overlay (I can see a very subtle shift down of a few pixels on the main part of the screen, but the button row doesn't move).