1. S

    Does the OCR display everything in black and white?

    I started reading a full colour PDF in the OCR but it showed up as black and white. Certainly not an issue, but I couldn't definitively figure out if there is a setting I need to enable, or if this is just how the OCR functions. -- Just as a side note, being my first post I'd like to say hats...
  2. A

    OCR feature not working properly - anyone else experiencing this issue?

    I don't use the OCR feature very often, but it fails to work about 99% of the time for me. The image below is an example. I don't think the background is so bad that the words cannot be captured correctly. Is that the case for you as well, or am I doing something wrong?
  3. M

    Screen OCR problem: screen shift while in landscape mode

    Hello everyone, I'm experiencing a weird bug (?) when using the screen OCR in landscape mode on Android. When I activate the screen OCR, there is a shift between the detected text displayed on screen and the underneath original screen image : It looks like the underneath screen image is...
  4. MattS

    OCR reader / conversion to JPG or PDF

    Hello, Sorry for the basic question, but I've never tried this before. I have some photocopies in Chinese, and I would like to use Pleco's OCR to accurately capture the text, so that I can copy and paste the Chinese into a new document, either in my word-processing, or as a PDF. This will make...
  5. H

    OCR Demo Failed With Pleco Has Stopped

    When Still OCR Demo is attempted on small photo of printed traditional Chinese text, Pleco show dialog message: Unfortunately Pleco has stopped.
  6. O

    Laggy performance system wide in Oreo seemingly narrowed down to OCR? Or is it a 4 GB RAM problem?

    Phone: Samsung S8 (G950U) Android version: 8.0 Samsung Experience: 9.0 I've noticed that my phone will have sometimes have severe slowdowns when doing any actions requiring changing from portrait to landscape after phone has been up a while. Full screen in Youtube? 30 seconds of frozen screen...
  7. D

    Still OCR problem with scrolling screenshots

    Hello everyone, After using the still OCR feature for the first couple of time the past few days to read image file blog posts, I decided I could use the scroll screenshot feature of my phone in order to use the OCR feature more efficiently, not having to do countless individual screenshot (the...
  8. T

    Skipping pages in PDF still OCR?

    Hi, I am trying to read a pretty big PDF file, with a lot of pages. It is a pain to browse one page at a time, and I can't seem to find any way to browse through the pages like in the document reader. Could be nice to see an update for that. Thank You