remove "New Card" prompt


Please keep in mind that not everyone shares (or understands) your sense of humor. I found that particular comment quite rude, so to keep things professional, I feel it best to communicate directly with staff themselves.


@mikelove - Given the previous very speedy replies to posts, and then sudden radio silence, I assume you prefer to communicate via this forum? Troubleshooting the issue in the thread sure is giving me quite the negative impression of the support channel for this product.


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Sorry, radio silence is because it's a weekend and I have two kids :)

Email or forum is fine - you can also send me a DM if you want to talk privately but don't want to bother opening your email client - but we don't really have a fix for this problem for you at the moment; all I can really do is say that it's something we'll consider addressing in a future release. There's no way to get our current app to add arbitrary words to flashcards without going through that step of confirming the text in the 'new card' screen.
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