remove "New Card" prompt

Is there a way to remove the "New Card" prompt when I add a card to a category? I am reading a book and I have created a category called "unknown words". I just want to input the cards into their category and get back to reading but the "New Card" prompt is annoying.


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Sorry, this is coming up when you tap the + button? You can go into Settings / Flashcards and configure the new card adding behavior to something other than 'prompt'.


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Sorry, this is in the main Pleco Settings screen under Flashcards. (as it applies systemwide and not just to a specific flashcard profile)
I assumed that is what you were referring to but that is not the issue I'm having. The category in the picture is regarding Duplicate card entries. I'm referring to the "New Card" prompt, the screen where one would, say, input their own definition of a word that Pleco does not define.
Hm, I still have the feeling that the flashcard you were trying to add already exists. Could you try setting the Duplicate (in cat) setting from above to "Prompt" and the Duplicate (non cat) setting to "Add + update", then try adding another flashcard from the Document Reader?
What I selected was just random characters for the purpose of uploading the screenshot. There may be a misunderstanding here, it seems. I am using the iPad version of Pleco. This issue has no relation to Duplicate Entries and the reason the "New Card" prompt appears is because it doesn't recognize the entries so it prompts the user to define the flashcard.

However, what I seek to do is create a list of unknown entries to figure out after I finish reading the text. I hope this clarifies things better.
Oh, of course! That is intended behavior. So you would rather not have to tap "Save" each time you add an empty flashcard? Since you will need a dictionary to translate them anyway at some point, I would try getting the Grand Ricci and/or the Hanyu Da Cidian to fill in the flashcards right from the start. Both of these dictionaries know over 300,000 expressions. Otherwise, the pinyin transcriptions for the unknown flashcards may also be wrong, because Pleco just puts them together character by character.
So you would rather not have to tap "Save" each time you add an empty flashcard?
Exactly! I am only making a list for my own purposes unrelated to Pleco but it's easier to make the list directly inside Pleco rather than copy and pasting the entries in a separate document on the iPad.

How do I achieve this please?
Oh, that's a tricky one. Since when adding a flashcard Pleco doesn't know, Pleco doesn't know what to do, so it always asks. What do you think of working in Split-screen mode, with the Notes app in a narrow strip on the right, and Pleco's Document Reader on the left? Then you could use the Copy button to the right of the megaphone button at the bottom to copy a selected expression and paste it into the Notes app on the right. Would that be acceptable?