Pleco 4.0

Mine is: Context for vocab automatically saved with flashcards.
Regarding the above feature, this context that is added will be able to be modified freely, yes?

I think this will be a great new feature! But as long as we can add context to any entry/card that we like freely. Also, this context will appear in the flashcard system also, yes?

I just saw this thread:

So, the context will be able to be added to the portion of the flashcard where the student is trying to figure out the meaning, correct? Because currently according to the above thread, the context is only shown AFTER the card is turned over. This isn't what I was envisioning.

I was thinking context (eg. user-selected) should be shown on both sides. For the 'guessing' side, this could be the context the user originally encountered the vocabulary in. For the 'answer' side, additional usages of the vocab in different contexts would further explain the to term and how it's used.
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@Chin - this can pretty much be customized however you want: you can create arbitrary “sides” for a flashcard out of whatever combination of fields you’d like to display. So yes, if you’d like to make your own arrangements of context and show one on one side and one on the other that should be doable.

@akaki - very little in 4.0, we’ve added most of the infrastructure for intellient sync on the app side and are planning our own sync service but we don’t plan to launch it with 4.0. Our tentative plan is to switch iCloud sync to being automatically pushed but manually pulled - I.e., each device will push its flashcards to iCloud sync regularly but you’ll have to specifically tell it to fetch them, which should eliminate a lot of the current endless Loading... etc errors.
As I'm about to start a new studying binge, wow, 4.0 beta would be a nice Christmas present.
Let's "storm the castle" people (figuratively speaking). Who's with me?
Hi mongrel,

there's nothing in the castle yet, and you wouldn't like it if your pre-alpha version of Pleco 4 kept crashing or doing weird things to your data. :) Next Christmas should be an ideal time for this present!

Cheers & Merry Christmas,

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Hi agewisdom,

let's interpret Mike's recent prediction:

I can also say that I'd like to have a beta out before summer, because after Apple's WWDC developer conference in June I expect to have a huge new pile of work dumped onto us to deal with iOS 13 (supposedly bringing big UI changes, especially on iPad) and Marzipan (iOS-on-Mac), plus whatever anticipatory half-baked knockoff of those things Google announces at their developer conference in May. But whether or not that will actually happen is TBD.
If the first beta comes out before this summer, the final version could arrive a few months after that. If not, it will be a bit later. You can also see it another way: The longer it takes, the more effort will have been put in, and the better it will be. I would think Mike will follow a more frequent update schedule in the future, so that a new version appears every 1-2 years instead leaving a gap of 4 years. This time, it was surely due to large architectural changes which can only come as one large package and are impossible to split up into multiple smaller packages arriving every 1-2 years.

So let's instead take the attitude that the longer we wait, the more satisfied we will be about the new version. After all, version 3.2 already works great for most tasks.

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I'm hoping for beginning of next year, rather than next Christmas. :D
Not quite that soon, sadly.

I would think Mike will follow a more frequent update schedule in the future, so that a new version appears every 1-2 years instead leaving a gap of 4 years.
Yes, updates should be much more frequent / incremental after this. Also, with our new app architecture there should be very few feature requests we can't potentially implement in an incremental update (virtually nothing we've received in the last 10 years would fall in that category, at any rate), so to the extent that we are still doing big multi-year stuff, it'll mostly be new features and we can keep those totally secret and thus avoid having anybody ask us when they're going to be ready :)
If I remember correctly, there was mention of e-book sentences being extracted from e-books and loaded into their respective entries.

Was this a 4.0 thing? or am I remembering incorrectly.


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If I remember correctly, there was mention of e-book sentences being extracted from e-books and loaded into their respective entries.
To be honest that's quite easy to implement so it's not something which we've decided on the fate of yet; it might be one of a whole bunch of little features we dole out in various 4.x updates after having done the big stuff for 4.0.
Don't know if this has been mentioned before or if it is already possible, but in some cases it could be useful to add your own example sentences to definitions, for instance, when I find a new word in a context, I'd love to record the first time I saw that word in that context because that's often the best way to remember these words. I can understand that adding a sentence to entries in GF or other dictionaries would seem a little odd, so maybe marking them with some icon to let you know it is not an official one could solve the problem.
Also, sometimes adding definitions would be great. Being able to have the option to share these with the community would be great too.


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Adding definitions is already possible via a user dictionary; we do plan to add support for nicely formatted example sentences to those as well, and to also allow those to show up in the SENTS tab, but I don't think we're likely to let you modify original dictionary entries since that would raise some hackles among publishers.
Thank you for a great product. I’m a bit hesitant, though, about purchasing the full version as the price is quite high. Will I have to pay again once version 4.0 is released? It has become typical of app developers to charge for new releases.
Thank you in adance