Organize flashcards by pronunciation order

Hello everyone!
I would like to know if there is a way to organize the flashcards to follow the pronunciation order. I would like to set the test session like this because I think in this manner I can better track my progress.


Staff member
Not at the moment, but it will most likely be an option in our next big update 4.0; however, to be honest we'd strongly recommend against using it, since reviewing cards in the same order each time can make it very hard to recall them independently later on.
I agree, but I just would like to organize by pronunciation the New Cards, not the entire test session, that naturally follow the Srs algorithm
I do not exactly know what you are looking for, but you can export the cards you want to sort by pronunciation order in Excel, then convert the pinyin to pinyin with tone numbers, then sort the result by tone numbers. In you find an Excel macro for the conversion.