OCR reader / conversion to JPG or PDF



Sorry for the basic question, but I've never tried this before.

I have some photocopies in Chinese, and I would like to use Pleco's OCR to accurately capture the text, so that I can copy and paste the Chinese into a new document, either in my word-processing, or as a PDF. This will make it quicker to consult my online dictionaries, by just copy-pasting characters into them (or just by right-clicking on characters), and gives me a "working copy" of the document, that I can annotate.

Is this possible on Pleco? I've tried taking an image with my smartphone camera, but it's only a small piece of text at a time.

Many thanks


Staff member
Pleco only lets you look up one word at a time, but if you take a picture with our Still OCR feature and then expand the capture box (green rectangle) to cover the entire document, it should recognize all of the text in that rectangle, which you can then copy to the clipboard or share with another app.