No Matches(exact or approximate) were found for the search..


Greetings fellow Mandarin learners.

Pleco got me hooked. I use the software daily now and love it. This is why when I come upon the message; No Matches(exact or approximate)were found for the search query entered - I get a bit irritated. Just in one sitting while reading Harry Potter I came across these two characters that gave the No Matches message. 襬 和 弔.  

Will the future patches add words like this in the database?

Would it be possible to have a ”living dictionary” on the Pleco website to update our systems when missing characters are discovered?

I guess these questions are for you 皇帝. For other readers, maybe this post would be a good place to start listing other characters that give the No Matches message.

May your brain be like duct tape, everything that comes in contact with it sticks!



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Install the free UniHan add-on database from and that will give you a basic definition for every individual character that the our software supports. The handwriting recognizer we licensed supports a lot of characters that aren't in any of our built-in dictionaries, and we've chosen not to filter them out since it's a lot more frustrating to keep writing a character and not get a match than it is to write a character, get a match and discover it's not in the dictionary.


I just checked on my copy of Pleco, and those characters only appeared in the Unihan and CEDict ones (both free, by the way). I would highly suggest (if you have room) installing all the free dictionaries, as they add a lot of basic definitions for words that don't appear in the paid dictionaries.