MoE Minnan and Hakka dictionaries


Thank you for this contribution. I've been using this recently and it has been helpful.

Question: (Other than each entry's pinyin field) why were the tone diacritics converted to tone numbers? Were they not supported by the font? I'm not as good at reading the numbers compared to the tone marks.
You're welcome, David.

It's a long time since I looked at this but I think you can use/import the version with tone diacritics if you prefer?
According to that page they "do not always display well", but to be honest I don't remember too well as it was 5 years ago now...


Several diacritics don't display for me on Android (most notably the 'vertical line above' used for tone 8). I tried using a custom font, but still no luck. I'd be thrilled if there was a fix for this, since I also prefer the diacritics to tone numbers.



Thanks! I downloaded the dictionary with diacritics, and while they don't display perfectly, the ones I looked at seem to all show up on iOS. Daoge's newer version has some more entries (I didn't find simple words like 閲讀,上班,下課 for example in the older one when I search by Chinese) so I'll keep both versions.