[HSK6] Flashcards for 《HSK标准教程 6上 / 6下》 published by Beijing Language and Culture University Press (Categorized by Chapter)


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This is a collection of 2679 flashcards, which includes all of the HSK6 vocabulary presented in the HSK6 materials published by BLCU. Quite a lot of students use this book, as well as being the study material for the Chinese Zero to Hero HSK6 course's 闪卡 (to help replace their awful rendition/system on Quizlet). It's categorized by 生词; the wordlist accompanying the text, and 剩余词汇; the additional words at the beginning and end of the chapters.

Some comments
I had some issues exporting the flashcards. Because in the statistics on my PC's Pleco (supported through Bluestacks emulator) it said the contents had 2733 cards, yet my phone says it only has 2679 cards. I've compared all the categories and there doesn't seem to be any missing flashcards. Exporting with an XML extension seems to mess up the organization of the list and the more cards you try to export the more mistakes/omissions it seems to make. Exporting with the .txt extension seems fine, other for that weird difference in card statistics.

Also; Sometimes cards were duplicated within categories, but this seems to resolve itself once you mess with the [Cart Sort Order]

I might update this in the future by including the words/characters that are used in the problem sets of the book, like in the example sentences, but which aren't part of any list of even part of the HSK test as a whole.

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《HSK标准教程 6上》
标准教程 Standard Course HSK6 A 上
ISBN-10: 7561942540
ISBN-13: 978-7561942543

Beijing Language and Culture University Press
Confucius Insititute Headquarters (Hanban)

《HSK标准教程 6下》
标准教程 Standard Course HSK6 B 下
ISBN-10: 7561947798
ISBN-13: 978-7561947791


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This is awesome, thanks! I've searched around a bit for hsk5 上and 下but so far no luck. Anybody happen to have a set for these?