How to deal with too many old flashcard reviews?



this is connected to the whole debate on flashcards ballooning that was here 3 years ago:
Have there been any updates on improving the algorithm so far?

I know SRS is about regular reviews but with work and university I am sometimes too busy on a few days to do my reviews and easily get into a situation where all the reviews pile up. The biggest issue comes in, however, when you can not keep up with the reviews anymore and there is no way for you to remember them until the next day even if you do have the time to complete them all. I currently have over 140 reviews for writing practice and with all the different Hanzi I can, at best, remember 10 to 20, and that is after having spent what feels like an eternity on reviewing all of those 140 reviews. This is very inefficient and demotivating and I'm at a point where it would be best to simply be able to unlearn all of those cards so I can start from zero again. Obviously I do not want to reset my whole score file and also not go through 140 cards, get most of them wrong, anyway, simply to be able to somehow catch them all in a search and reset those specific cards. The card search function does not allow to search for "correct/incorrect in row" either unlike the card filters for tests which would be more adequate than simply the number of incorrect views.

How do you deal with old flashcards in the review pool that you have forgotten completely and now fill up your reviews?


To catch up you could
- decide how many cards you want to review per day
- split your categories into smaller categories with not more than this number of cards
- sort the categories in the same order in which you want to repeat them. If the due cards for one day exceed the limit of cards you want to review, remove a category (or two ...) from the actual review, if less than the number of cards you want to review are due then add a category (or two ...) for review.
- use standard settings for SRS but reduce the score to 50% instead of zero for incorrect answers
- exclude a flashcard from all sessions when you reach the top score (12000 in my case) for the second time for that card
- DO NOT START WITH A NEW SCORE FILE, but continue with your existing
- make a statistic every day with Number of Cards learned (according to the Pleco definition, which is score > 1000 in my case) minus Number of due cards, both numbers for all of your flashcards: as long as this difference increases you make progress