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  1. shinaozi

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    how can I set a different dictionary entry for a particular flashcard to be shown in the test?

    For example: 积分. Flashcard testing shows PLC, but I would prefer CC, because that actually shows more definitions and, most importantly, the definitions that I encountered this term with.

    I tried: Card Info (in the test feature) >>> change dictionary entry >>> choose this entry (in the cc entry).
    Still, in the next test: It shows PLC, no mercy.

    I tried this with many cards and it never accepts the change. I also tried playing around with setting, but I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.

    Looking forward to any advice.
  2. Shun

    Shun 状元

    Hi shinaozi,

    you may have "Remap cards to dicts" turned on in Flashcards / New Test / Display. When that option is turned off, Flashcards should use the dictionary saved in the card for the test.



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