I use Nexus-7 with Android 6.0.1

And I use the floating-button/OCR ... always.

Every few weeks I don't see the floating-button on my Nexus-7.
They are gone.
I must check "all" settings in system & in Pleco.
I "touch" all relevance setting ... etc. ... until .. the floating-buttons appear again.
Till next "trouble"-time ... :-(

Why .. this "trouble" ...?
What could I do?
Thank you.


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Does it help if you switch to having Screen OCR in a notification instead of / in addition to as a floating button? That might make it less vulnerable to getting randomly terminated by Android.
As long as I can activate/touch the "below-button"/OCR within any text/PDF reader ...
I think .. the floating-button is the only option to do that.... (?)

And .. the floatig-button is not "stable".
Can you post screenshots to show me what/which is a "notification" .. and how to create and to use it.
The end goal must be the same. I don't care about the ways to the end goal.

(I'm confused because of the many names of software solutions ..)
Thank you.


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Notifications = the things you get when you swipe down from the top of the screen; incoming messages, emails, notices about app updates, that sort of thing.

Turn off 'don't show notification' in Settings / External Access, if it's not off already. With that turned off, you should see a "Pleco Screen Reader" notification along with other notifications in the notification shade.
Oh .. I see ..
At this very moment I have both:
1. Notification
2. the floating-buttons
on my Nexus-7

Wenn I read in an ebook China characters .. then I can touch the below-floating-button to activate Pleco and see the translation of characters ...

But at that moment the notification doesn't help me .. because I cannot see the notification. Sweeping can change the reader.
Yesterday I got Pleco 3.2.60.

As I opened my Nexus-7 I saw No floating-buttons and No notification.
Fortunately .. in the past I've created "Screen Rea.." widget. I pressed on it.
Voila! .. both notification & floating-buttons appeared .. until now.

But .. in the past .. I pressed that widget .. nothing happened. :-(
But .. with perseverance .. the floating-buttons appear (again) .. at last.