Flashcards for "A Course in Contemporary Chinese"


These are flashcards for books 1-5 of 當代中文課程 (A Course in Contemporary Chinese). This is the new series from 師大 that's supposed to supersede their AV Chinese series. Cards contain traditional characters only, a reasonable assumption you're using if you use this book.

Category name format example: //當代中文/Book 2/L05-I
The innermost category's suffix (the -I or -II on L05-I) for each lesson denotes which group of vocab in the lesson it came from -- each lesson has two groups of vocab.

Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MmchpQiLgdbAeqwTASframYesKcs-ADi/view

I scraped these from the official vocab slides, then edited a few things manually here and there (mostly errors in the English).
Since the scraping was error prone (pptx -> pdf -> txt followed by some hacky text processing) the pinyin was verified against the characters by checking if the reading specified in the slides is a valid reading of the character it's matched to---this revealed a few transcription errors that I fixed manually. There's still probably minor errors in the English like collapsed/separated words, but shouldn't be a big deal if you're just using them as flashcards or to look up what level a word is. If it's useful to anyone, I might throw the code online at some point.

Also, there might be an issue with the same word occurring multiple times that'd need to be resolved when importing, but I didn't pay too much attention to that.


Thank you so much. I am using CCC and have been using OCR to create flashcards until now, this is much more comfortable. I knew about the files MTC has put online, putting a textbook's vocabulary online is a great idea, using powerpoint slides to do this is not a great way to execute the idea. I tried a quick export of the slides into rtf, that did not work well. Your way takes more work and time, but it seems to work very well.
Files for volume 6 have not been uploaded yet to MTC's site, once they appear, then if you eventually get around to converting those, I would appreciate it just as much.
I really appreciate that you went to so much effort to create this set - but I can’t figure out how to get the download into Pleco. When I click on the link, I get a spreadsheet type file but when I click on the download icon, it turns into something I formatted. I am missing some steps obviously but so far can’t figure it out. Can anyone help? 謝謝


Hello Carl,

I see the .tsv file uploaded by @bsh26 is already a tab-separated values file ready for importing into Pleco, so all you need to do is import the file into Pleco's Flashcards database. The steps are:
  1. Save the file from Google Drive onto your smartphone by tapping the Download button at the upper right
  2. Open Pleco
  3. Choose "Import Flashcards" from the hamburger menu at the top left
  4. Select the file you downloaded (if you use Android; if you use iOS, you can choose "Open in..." and Pleco in step 1, then select the file "pleco_dangdai.tsv" in the Inbox folder in step 4.)
  5. Choose Import. I recommend that you use the following import settings:
Definition source Prefer File
Missing entries Create Blank
Ambiguous entries Use First
Duplicate entries Allow

After that, you should find the flashcards in the 當代中文 folder in your flashcards database.

Hope this helps,

many thanks for the prompt reply back in September. I tried to follow the instructions then but I couldn’t figure it out so left it for the time being. I’ve now returned to your instructions to have another go, but still no luck. When I click on the download button when I have the tsv file on my screen, it doesn’t give any options, but another safari window opens (https://doc-0o-10-docs.googleusercontent.com/docs/securesc/t64rk1rq7oaaddudtkqg6m54cq5gnl8i/eln4b1la93lqkesgsf23fhsbjvtosne5/1606626600000/10651825591538645301/18078883169678635929/1MmchpQiLgdbAeqwTASframYesKcs-ADi?e=download&authuser=0). When I click on that download/upload button, I am given some options but none of them allow for saving the file. I’m stumped again...



Hello Carl, you're welcome! The options you are given after tapping the download/upload button and the square-with-an-arrow button at the top right should include the Pleco icon somewhere. Perhaps you need to scroll the icons to the left to see it, or choose "Open in..." and then select Pleco, or perhaps you even need to tap "Edit" to add Pleco to the list of apps to open the file with. Afterwards, you should be able to continue following the instructions from point 3.
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