Feature request (various things)

Hi there,

It would be great if tone colors settings for clipboard popup were the same as day mode's in the application (even if night mode is used).

For popup background is always white.

Now, for those who use night mode mostly (like me) and want clipboard tones to be bright, the only way is to make day and night mode color sets the same, while looking informative in both modes.
About Paste - when Copy button is enabled in Settings->Search Screen, I think it makes sense to change it to Paste if nothing is selected.


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That was actually added specifically for the sake of people who like to compose things in the search box (looking up definitions as they do) and copy them out afterwords, for whom the button is useful even if text is not selected.
Ehm... And what they copy if nothing is selected?
The Great Emptiness? :)))
@Bvo: I don't quite see which search screen you mean, but I think that making a button change from one thing to another can also work to confuse people. They might not remember, is there a Copy or a Paste button there? It's good to support people's intuition and habits by not changing the interface or making it do unexpected things, whereas more technically-minded people clearly might prefer maximum functionality over simplicity. :)


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@Bvo - they still get the text in the search box, even if it's not selected. That button copies the entire search box, not just the selected text. I suppose we could make it paste if the box is empty but at that point I think it would probably make more sense to just have another optional button for paste. (a lot of people who like to paste stuff into Pleco use the option in Settings / Miscellaneous to have Pleco automatically search for the contents of the clipboard on open)
@Shun ,
it's right POV too :) But dynamic (aka context-sensitive) icon changing makes things clear :)

ah, if it copies not only selectef text - makes sense.
If it's not too hard to do in current implementation, plz update Paste functionality: it's not sensitive to the place where long-press was made - Paste menu is always shown on the very left. While on small screen it's even unnoticeable, on big screens you have to move a hand every time to the very left. Not a problem, just something unusual :)
Mike: ability to search for words in dictionaries I haven't purchased yet. This would inform my next buying decision.

While the manage dictionary tool is sufficient for random browsing, it is almost impossible to determine is a specific word/word-family is in the dictionary as the list is not sorted by headword.


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Yeah, that's coming - tentative plan is to promote Browse Dictionary Entries up to its own sidebar item and give it a search bar. (also allowing us to remove individual dictionary switching from the current search screen, though anyone who wants that can get it back by creating a dictionary group with just one dictionary in it for each dictionary they'd like to search)
It would be really helpful to create sentence flashcards through the file reader. This way it could be possible to revise grammatical structure and the new words in a phrase.
In brief, It would be nice to select parts of the file as you like to create flashcards.
General privacy. No need to have my kids perusing through a list of vulgarities that I searched for (assuming that I forgot to clear the associated history list) and vice-versa ;). Reduction in resource consumption? Even on my fast *nix boxes I limit scrollable history to keep terminals as responsive as possible. Not that I notice the difference these days as I suppose it's a by-product of days past where limited resources were the norm...
Already have a basic thesaurus - can download in Add-ons / Features - though we'd like to do a better one.

Podcast lyrics reader now impossible unless you store podcasts in our app, sadly. Which would mean we'd have to get into the business of being a podcast app.
Hi Mike

I'm looking for this basic thesaurus but can't find it. Is it still available?

Any news for a more complete one?



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We got rid of it because it was too expensive to keep licensing (given that we weren’t charging for it). No specifics on a better one but it’s on our to-do list.