Feature request: Pasting URL in search bar opens web reader


Just a thought. I often use the web reader and it would save a few taps if the search bar could recognize URLs and open them in the web reader directly, alternatively via a dialog box asking the user for confirmation.


Staff member
There's actually already an option in Settings / Miscellaneous "Open Web Reader For URL" that will automatically open up the Web Reader if you launch Pleco with a URL in the clipboard, which should save even more taps :)


Not sure how I missed that. Thanks a lot!
With the number of options in settings? It's a wonder you can find anything at all!

Seriously, open the pleco documentation, then walk through the settings one by one and read about which setting does what. Sometimes the information doesn't make any sense until after you've used the program for a bit.

Do it every two months.

I'm still finding new settings that I didn't know I needed until I needed them. It's kinda zen... "when the user is ready, the setting will appear"