feature request

  1. D

    Reader features request

    The beta is great and I love it. With that said I've spent a lot of time using kybook 3, which is a really great pdf, ebook, etc reader. It does a few things really well, and these features are the main reason I use it. Cropping margins from PDFs Re-flowing PDFs for readability Re-sizing...
  2. S

    Still OCR Observations

    First, amazing job by Mike and the team for this massive undertaking! It's incredible to see how many details have been changed/improved with 4.0. I like to read PDFs of manhua in the still OCR. Here are a few observations that I have after spending some time with the new still OCR. (1 is a...
  3. C

    Apkg import support

    Is this feature expected to appear in Pleco any time soon? I've seen a notice on some of chinese forums from Mike dated 2020 that this feature is on the list! Sounds great, hope we'll see it soon
  4. R

    Stroke Animation Auto Repeat?

    The Dictionary Stoke tab supports "Auto-Play Stroke Order". Would be fantastic to also "Auto Repeat", as soon as the writing is done repeat the drawing. It would help make Pleco feel a little flashier, and for the use case where students are repeating writing over and over, it saves the...
  5. T

    Bug (?) report Android 3.2.77 with external keyboard

    I am using an external keyboard (Tap2) on Android 10 using Pleco 3.2.77. I have input settings set to the device input (google pinyin input) as the Pleco interface does work for me at all*. When completing flash cards in which I need to enter the Hanzi (show definition, input Hanzi) I can type...
  6. J

    Feature request: Pasting URL in search bar opens web reader

    Just a thought. I often use the web reader and it would save a few taps if the search bar could recognize URLs and open them in the web reader directly, alternatively via a dialog box asking the user for confirmation.
  7. Xyde

    Feature Request: Enable Definition + Audio (of Definition) in Flashcards

    Definition without audio won't do for me, there's just too much words which I don't know the pronunciation of when doing Chinese-Chinese cards in Flashcard study. Adding this feature would be a huge lifesaver, thank you. BTW, TTS will work with these right? I'm thinking of buying the new TTS...
  8. J

    Feature request: Make idioms more accessible

    It would be great if there somehow was possible to browse or search for idioms. Perhaps you could create a separate tab for idioms on the character page showing idioms containing that character, or maybe even just a separate list under the sentences tab. Thank you.
  9. D

    Feature request (learning approach)

    Hi, I enjoy using your software, and the reader, but I have always learnt the most from combining reading and vocab. The way I do it is to get a short reading passage, and a list of vocab from the passage, but I separate the English and the Chinese. I then use the context of the passage to...
  10. A

    Some Feature Requests for Flashcards

    1) It would be nice if it were possible to "mark" cards for later editing 2) If you press the arrow in the bottom left of the screen when testing, it will bring you to the definition screen of that entry. It would be cool if there were an option similar to this that would search the most recent...
  11. pdwalker

    Minor Feature Request: Allow rotation in any orientation

    Hi Mike, I've got a relatively trivial request - can you allow rotation of the application in any direction? The reason I ask is that I often plug in my headphones when reviewing my flash cards so as not to bother anyone. As the headphone jack is on the bottom of the phone, I'd prefer to...
  12. L

    Feature suggestion: voice reader repeat mode / read aloud all flashcards

    Hello, I am very happy with the functionality of IOS Pleco, and it is a great and extensive tool. But I believe it could support us even more if some features were added. During our daily commute, for example, driving a car. Or when running in the park. Or any other situation when you'd better...