Different pronouncing of 想, 向, etc


Hello, I have noticed that in songs, TV series words 想,向 (for example) sometimes are pronounced as "Shang" or "Shiang", instead of "Xiang", as it supposed to be.

Why is it? Is it some kind of dialect?
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Hi Barry,

I’ve noticed that, too; I think the reason is that while singing, especially when singing quickly, the tongue may slip up a bit (or more air is exhaled) to produce a "shiang" sound instead of "xiang". It looks like "xiang" needs a bit of slowness and care to be clearly pronounced.

Cheers, Shun
Regarding the dialect part, there are so many regional accents (without being considered as dialects).
There are lots of different accents, within China and even within Taiwan.
For example Taiwanese say "si" instead of "shi" which is quite confusing as a foreigner to differentiate 4 and 10 at first.
Or people living in south Taiwan say "neng" instead of "leng" (冷) for cold.