TXT files for the Flashcards lists I made (originally for personal use, but been sharing them a lot lately do I thought why not update here) from the 華語八千詞表 on the TOCFL website (retrieved 2021/11) because I couldn’t find any made by other’s at the time (have since found out there is another set from around 2017, after looking in to it I am not sure if there‘s been some changes made since then or not but better more than nothing I guess).
I added them all by hand (cause I like giving myself work) so there might be some doubles or accidental skips, but overall there shouldn’t be too much missing. I did not however check for which dictionary entry was being used, so some words might repeat throughout the levels as they were introduced with different functions, grammatical uses or meanings. - might go back and correct this later.
I’ll upload the files for the entire list (sorted by levels as provided by the source) as well as the separate levels by themselves.

This is my first time sharing Flashcards like this, let me know if there’s any issues.


  • TOCFL all Levels.txt
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  • TOCFL 準備級 & 入門級 A1.txt
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  • TOCFL 基礎級 A2.txt
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  • TOCFL 進階級 B1.txt
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  • TOCFL 高階級 B2.txt
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  • TOCFL 流利級 C.txt
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Thanks for the resources. Out of curiosity, what's the source of the example sentences listed for each vocabulary term in these files?