1. Half an Avocado

    Flashcards for Taiwan Benchmarks for the Chinese Language (TBCL) vocabulary

    Introduction The attached file contains flashcards for all the vocabulary (>14,425 entries in total) found on the official website for the TBCL data sets hosted by the National Academy for Educational Research in Taiwan categorized by their respective levels. There are more entries in the text...
  2. I

    (華語八千詞表)TOCFL Flashcards Sorted by Levels

    Content: TXT files for the Flashcards lists I made (originally for personal use, but been sharing them a lot lately do I thought why not update here) from the 華語八千詞表 on the TOCFL website (retrieved 2021/11) because I couldn’t find any made by other’s at the time (have since found out there is...
  3. M

    Updated TOCFL Flashcards

    The TOCFL was updated in 2013, and there are no updated TOCFL flashcards so I decided to make them. It is organised from Level 1 to 5 (入门 to 流利)