Yijing / I Ching flashcards


I've been trying to learn the I Ching hexagrams on Quizlet and decided to make a concerted effort to learn the Chinese titles, so I made some flashcards on Pleco. Unfortunately Pleco doesn’t render the hexagrams on iOS, which would have been really slick for this exercise. Even so, I produced two flashcard sets, both exported as txt files.

This first set includes the King Wen hexagram number, the Trigrams, and Judgement (Gregory Richter translation), as well as the (modern) Dictionary Definition of the words.

The second is just a list of all the Chinese words that was used for these titles. This list is specifically intended to tie into the Pleco dictionary since the custom cards with the extra I Ching info lost the the formatting that made the standard flashcards more readable.

This is my first attempt at really working with flashcards, so if there is anything I should do to improve, them I'd be happy to hear. Cheers!