Wrong male headword audio for 特 (te4)


I noticed that my male Mandarin headword audio for the word 特别 (te4bie2) is mispronounced as ke4bie2. Upon further investigation, I also noticed that the male headword audio for every character with the transcription te4 and te5 (other tones don't exist in Mandarin or are absent form Pleco) are pronounced as ke4 and ke5, respectively. The female headword audio does not have this problem. I reported this bug 4 months ago, but it was not fixed in the latest update. Does anyone else have this problem? I have the latest version of Pleco on Android 5.1.



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We did check this, but it sounded correct to us - maybe a quirk in your device’s speakers? Does it sound better with headphones?


Thank you for your reply.

To me it still sounds like ke4, with or without headphones, but it could be a problem with a slight audio delay since my phone is quite old. For now I'll switch to the female audio.
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