will Plecodict work on a screen with 160 x 160 resolution?


I have a new Palm Zire 31 with expansion slot and am interested in buying the new Plecodict when it is available.

Is the screen on the Zire 31 appropriate for this product? When I run the trial version of the Oxford dictionary, it is not very easy to make out the details of the characters, but of course the trial version does not include the 'view character' option.

Will the Plecodict work OK on the Zire 31 screen?
Is it possible to adjust the font so that the dictionary characters are displayed at a larger size?
How much is the first edition of Plecodict likely to be?




Staff member
Actually the trial version does include that character magnification option - simply install the high-resolution font files (run the installer again and choose only those options, or if you're installing it manually install "Oxford SC 24" and/or "Oxford TC 24") and the magnification feature should work.

PlecoDict will run quite happily on devices with 160x160 screens - they're actually a pretty big market now thanks to the success of both the Zire 31 and the Treo 600. Unfortunately, though, I don't think we'll be making the fonts any bigger - making the dictionary usable with larger fonts would require all sorts of changes to the interface, and honestly even then you'd get so little text on the screen at once that it wouldn't be a very useful way to work. So magnification is about the limit of what we can do.

Pricing for PlecoDict will vary based on the particular set of dictionaries you want to use - see the posting "cost of new dictionaries" farther down in this forum for specifics.