Who is Mike Love?

I am grateful for such a wonderful tool. Can anyone or Mike himself offer some biographic information on Mike Love? I am sure a lot users would like to know more about the Emporer.


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Nope, I'm neither a not-nearly-as-talented-as-Brian-Wilson Beach Boy nor a Microsoft executive. The Microsoft experience I occasionally refer to here was a college internship, ironically enough in the Windows Mobile group; much of my vehemency on the Palm-versus-PPC issue comes from the fact that having seem the source code of both operating systems, I know for a fact that Palm OS is much better-written. (however lagging in modern OS features) Learned much and accomplished little, my biggest new project was dropped (a shame, it was a really cool feature) but the Certificates control panel in every WM2003/WM5 device was written by yours truly.

Pleco also started life as a college project (though I actually had the idea way back in high school on my first trip to China), the Microsoft gig was partly a hedge against it failing. I don't know if I would have actually been considered a good enough programmer for them under normal circumstances (this was before Google started to seriously hurt their recruiting), but I went to a school which they're unusually fond of (our CS building was named after Gates & Ballmer's mothers); seems like half of the CS majors I knew ended up there for at least one summer. Fortunately, Pleco took off and is now providing me with full-time employment and several good friends (plus some contractors I don't know very well) with a steady source of extra income.

More generally, umm... grew up in New England, live in New York as per my signature, and single though I came pretty close to getting married a few years ago. And Michael Love is my real name, a surprisingly common one actually - I know several other Michael Loves, Michael's been one of the most popular names in the US for a few decades now and Love's not as rare as you might think.