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Discussion in 'Chinese Language' started by Zhangyanglu, Jun 20, 2015.

  1. Zhangyanglu

    Zhangyanglu Member

    Hello folks,
    I'm using Pleco for quite some while now but there's one big problem I still haven't solved yet.
    There are many wonderful Chinese graded readers out there, but it seems that most of the editorials still live in Stone Age. So far I only found some of the Chinese breeze series in kindle format (only the lower level :(( ) and after buying them it took me hours to convert them into other format.
    There are many others like tian tian zhong wen which seem very nice but it seems impossible to buy them as soft copy.
    Does anybody have a recommendation where to get more graded readers in electronic format so that I can use them with pleco? It just feels ridiculous that in 2015 I still need to waste my time looking up individual words with pleco OCR holding the hard copy of the book in one hand and the iPhone in ether other hand...

    Looking forward to hearing from you!
  2. mikelove

    mikelove 皇帝 Staff Member

    Just signed a license on this front, actually, so stay tuned for an announcement soon.
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  3. Zhangyanglu

    Zhangyanglu Member

    Mike that's excellent news. I am really looking forward to that announcement. Keep up the good work!
  4. 小马

    小马 Member


    In February you said Chinese Breeze and Mandarin Companion are both problematic due to licensing reasons, the license you signed in June is related to them??
  5. mikelove

    mikelove 皇帝 Staff Member

    Nope, different series from those.
  6. Sy

    Sy 进士

    Can you go to your local city. Sunday Chinese school and ask the teachers there?
    School hours mAy be from 2 to 5 pm. e g university of Maryland Hope school.
    I myself Like to know how to scan hard copy writing into text format....
    Thus in digitized format.
  7. pprendeville

    pprendeville 探花

    Is it possible to sign up for an email alert on this Mike or will it be an integrated feature of Pleco, like an add-on one can purchase so it will be an app store alert?
  8. mikelove

    mikelove 皇帝 Staff Member

    It'll be an add-on purchase.
  9. Zhangyanglu

    Zhangyanglu Member

    Another 1 year has passed and nothing has happened :(
  10. mikelove

    mikelove 皇帝 Staff Member

    Only finally got our hands on the data pretty recently, but we've already written the code for using them for our next update.
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  11. Arqui3D

    Arqui3D 举人

    I'm looking forward for this. Currently I'm using the Mandarin companion series for extensive reading (I get my intensive reading elsewhere), and I keep thinking how much better the reading experience would be inside Pleco.
  12. taijidan

    taijidan 举人

    Any updates on this? Looking forward to it.
  13. mikelove

    mikelove 皇帝 Staff Member

    Should be coming out with 4.0.
  14. Mehdi

    Mehdi 举人

    When the 4.0 will be out?
    By the way I am obliged to thank you for the job you have done with Pleco. Listening to our complains has made Pleco simply the best Chinese tool.

    P. S. : illustration with pictures would be the greatest improvement I can now think about.
  15. mikelove

    mikelove 皇帝 Staff Member

    No idea - not until it feels good and ready.

    And you're very welcome!
  16. Sy

    Sy 进士

  17. Sy

    Sy 进士

    Talking about graded reader in soft format,I really don't use this type.
    I suppose you want to get books in easy reading in moden writing and in soft copy.
    Why don't you try to go to baidu apps...search 鲁迅全集.
    There are so many free stories in modern reading 白话文.
    Select the one you feel comfortable to test out.
    If you don't understand the story , you can go to get google translate
    To get a rough idea in non-smooth translation but understandable.
    What is your really goal or want? I may be able to guide you with
    Little I know.
  18. Sy

    Sy 进士

    I try to copy a portion of a story to let you see as below:


  19. Sy

    Sy 进士

    Google translation of above.

    I try to copy a portion of a story to let you see as below:

    I made it an article of intention, in fact, is to study how to reform the family; and because China parental weight, patriarchy is more important, so in particular would like to think that his son never question the sanctity of a few comments. In short: only revolution I want to hide to him nothing. But why in a big way, with a nine-word problem? There are two reasons:

    First, China's "saints of the believers" ⑵, shake his people hated two things. Needless to say the same, but also with my generation never irrelevant; the same is his ethics, my generation can not help but occasionally made a few comments, so implicate involved, it had a number of "shovel ethics ⑶" "animal row" kind of notoriety. They thought for a parent child, has absolute power and majesty; if I speak, of course, nothing is not, then there is his son, but did not say that before long was wrong. But the sons of his grandfather, originally Calvary are just a bridge to life, by no means fixed not easy. Now the child, the parent is the future, and the future is the progenitor. I know that my generation and the reader, if not the father of the incumbent, must be the father of the candidate, but also have to do fathers hope, the only difference at a time. Want to save a lot of trouble for the sake of which we do not hesitate to occupy the upper hand in advance as possible, put on his father's dignity and talk about things we and our children; not only begun to be carried in the future, can reduce the difficulty, but also a matter of course in China, lest "saint of the believers," listening to fear, finally do both things matter. So, "How do we fathers ............ etc
  20. Google translator is poor for chinese, look at http://translate.naver.com/#/zh-CN/en

    "I'm doing this a piece of paper, was actually want to study how to reform of the family ; and because Chinese parents never thought the sanctity of a father and son for weight, so heavier, so I especially want to problems, made a point..In short : Only revolution in its effort to leather on Lao Tzu.But why with a swagger, the subject of words with the nine?There are two reasons :.
    First, China's “saint of the apostles” ⑵, shake his people hate two things.Needless to say, I had with a grandparent must not coherent ; his is the same principles governing relationships between people, I'm a grandparent but not by chance a few comments, so the strains involved, it's so many of the stigma, such as “Lauren is often to shovel ⑶” “bestial treatment bird”..They thought my father to son, has absolute authority and dignity ; if I'm gon na speak, of course, not everything, but there is not in words, but he said long before he was wrong"

    Or Bing
    "I made this article was meant, in fact, want to study how to reform family and because China's weight, patriarchy is heavier, so never considered sacrosanct father-son issues, make a few comments. To sum up: only revolutions to leather to Lao Tzu's body. But why is it swagger, with this nine-word problem? There are two reasons:
    First, China's "Saint of Saints" b, two of the most hated people shake his stuff. Needless to say, we put unrelated; as is his family, we can't help but occasionally made a few comments, so implicated in involved, had many "shovel family c" "beast" sort of notoriety. They think the parent for a child, has absolute power and dig"

    Is there a better translator?
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