When is a word really learned? I am nearly finished with a deck/vocab "category"


I having been studying a deck for HSK 4 and am nearly finishing it (“learned: score >= 400”). My settings are identical to Edsko de Vries -- an SRS profile and several Random profiles for repetition for the words I am not guessing correctly for the study day. Test settings are at Alternating and all vocabulary categories are sharing one scorefile.

For test types I mainly use self graded, and multiple choice with multiple choice being the easiest as I get options. Maybe I already know the Meaning and Form. Perhaps I should study Pronunciation with the Tone Practice test? Should I make a new seperate scorefile and study all the HSK 4 words again but only using the Tone Practice test?

I appreciate any advice any Chinese language learning survivors have. I also handwrite some words a day from this same HSK 4 category. Even as Learned is set to 400 and not the original 200, I still feel maybe I shouldn’t progress to HSK 5 words yet. If I was using Anki, I would just progress to HSK 5 words and be able to say “好了”。Some of these other test types seem intimidating, ie.. Fill-in-the-blanks.


Hi, you could study pronunciation using the Multiple choice test, as well, because the Tone practice would test your tones only. Then, after you've studied the characters, meanings, and pronunciations individually, you could progress to the more difficult Self-graded or Fill-in-the-blanks tests, which you can configure to show only one element, such as the meaning, and you'll have to recall all the other elements.

If you've studied all the vocab from HSK 1 to HSK 4, but haven't yet read a lot of texts, I'd recommend that you pause your vocab learning after finishing HSK 4 and purchase one of the Graded Readers for HSK 4 available from Pleco's Add-ons. That should allow you to consolidate the vocab you've learned previously. For practicing writing, you would probably need a textbook with exercises to guide you.

Hope this helps, Shun


Thanks Shun. I think I will make individual score files for studying using Tone Practice, Self-Graded and then Fill-in-the-blanks. I have a lot of graded readers that I bought already. Buying through Pleco I would have saved a lot (including shipping) but I didn't know at the time. Well, I will keep on with my studies. Appreciate the advice.