what works for me


Having spent a few hours with this I thought I would write down explicitly what I did to get a flashcard list into plecodict. I have a Palm TX running
PalmOS V5.49xxx (according to filez)

NJStar Chinese WP
(Version 5.01.xxxxx Shareware) Copyright NJStar Software Corp. 1991-2004)
using a trial copy. [I would figure out IME but I am running XP and an old version of office (too cheap to buy Office XP for home) . Evidently this makes it impossible to install IME]

type the list according to the format specified in the manual
save file using "Save As", then choosing file type
unicode 8 in

drag the file from the last step to the Palm Quick Install App, the window to install to external card


use the filez app to check where the file is
find files on external card /Documents/name.U8.TXT

Menu/Flashcards/Manage Flashcards/Import
settings: From Text File, Encoding UTF-8
File Path, /Documents/name.U8.TXT
i.e. the whatever you saw in the filez app
click Import
name comes up in the flashcard list as Imported Words, and first entry is the name I put in with //name. I.e. the name does not
come up as the flashcard name, but instead it's the 1st entry.
delete that 1st entry, and change the name of the list by modifying properties.

Edit: the Imported Words business was because I did not have a space between // and name, i.e. //<space>name

So apart from the relatively very slight annoyance of changing the name and deleting the first entry it's great.

a couple points if you are putting in more than one.

In the version of filez I have there is no copy to grab a file name, so if you use a long descriptive name for the file, and you find it with filez, you can't copy it
so as to paste it when you do the import in plecodict.

But let's say you are doing many files, if they have similar names, then at the point where you have entered the name into plecodict, you can highlight and copy the string, so when you come back, you can paste in that string and modify it, instead of typing /Documents/blahblah.U8.TXT all over again.