What flashcard settings do you use?

What are the most efficient flashcard settings to ensure the spaced repetition benefits are maximised? Right now, I have it all in the defaults.

Right now, I dont think I"m using it properly and I have a few questions: I have a deck of 100 cards which I already went through once, and when I start a new test, it gives me at 1/10 to start. Once I go through those, It gives me 2 options:

continue reviewing cards that aren't due yet

review those not due yet cards without extending their due dates

which ever option I pick, It takes me to start at 11/100.

Is there a way for me to just review cards that I got incorrect, rather than go through the entire deck?
Hooboy! What a topic. Yeah, read through that thread once or twice, and then ask yourself, "what do I want to test?"

For the most part, I'd say the defaults are SRS settings are pretty good, so you should be concerned more about what do you want to test and how do you want to test it. The SRS will take care of the rest.