What are the benefits of a paid dictionary vs the free one.


This is actually a genuine question as I don’t know the difference and benefits of one over the other.

My goal is to learn to read Cantonese(already speak), and I’ve been using the free dictionary as needed. What are the benefits of the paid ABC dictionary and what other features might it have that I should know about?


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Honestly, the best way to get a handle on that dictionary would probably be to download the free demo version of it in "Add-ons" and browse through the entries in that - that will show you both how it differs from the free dictionaries and how many / what sorts of words it covers.

In general, though, more/better examples, more detailed/thoroughly researched definitions, and quite a few words/phrases that aren't covered anywhere else.


I really like the European language dictionaries, if you're able to read them. I have downloaded the free German one and consider it amongst the most comprehensive, up there with the good Chinese-Chinese dictionaries.