ways I never thought I'd use PLECO (an appreciation)

Not sure if this is the correct forum, but here goes anyway:

This morning, I pulled a couple books off the shelf that I started trying to read 20 years ago ("怀夷"与"抑商":明代海洋力量兴衰研究 and 古代性刑罚与刑具). A quirky combination, but both topics I was curious about. I could see exactly where I bogged down and gave up in both because it was so freaking laborious to look words up the old-school way in the Concise little red book and in New Age. It made me realize yet again just how completely PLECO has transformed Chinese learning.

But the real point of this post is that I just got back from parent check-in night at my kid's preschool in 台北. The feature presentation was a heavy duty pedagogical tour of the fundamentals of early childhood education, and I looked up at one point to realize that I was just one of our small contingent of foreign 家長 who was using PLECO to fill in the blanks.

This thing opens up new doors every day. Thanks.