"View Learned Outlier Entries in Pleco" Shortcut


Recently, Outlier Linguistics released Version 1.8 of their Chinese Character Dictionary. I make a habit of looking up every new word I learn in Skritter in the Outlier dictionary in Pleco and reading the dictionary entry and Expert entry, if it's available. So the release of the updated dictionary left me in a quandary: How do I find out which Outlier entries I haven't read yet, of the words I have learned?

To solve this problem, I wrote a Siri shortcut: View Learned Outlier Entries in Pleco. It takes any list of Chinese characters, compares it to a text file you provide, and lists the matches in Pleco.

I'd love feedback from the folks here before I distribute it more widely. Any feedback is welcome (especially suggestions for a better name)!