Vertical text in non-camera OCR?

The live OCR feature has an option to switch between recognizing horizontal or vertical text, but OCR on still images or screen captures seems to only work horizontally with no apparent way to switch to vertical. Is it possible?
Sorry to bump this, but it seems the OCR reader still decides on its own whether the text in a portion of an image is vertical or horizontal regardless of the orientation setting. There are cases where I select one area and it reads vertically then I move the selection to another area and it reads horizontally, without me ever changing the setting.
Is the orientation setting supposed to force it to always read in one direction or the other? Is there a way to give precedence to the orientation I set over the detected one?


Staff member
Not at the moment though we could look at adding a checkbox for that - does it help if you keep the box significantly taller than it is wide when you move it?
I did try that. However, I noticed in the module's settings the "New OCR" option was checked. Disabling that solves the issue as long as I'm using the in-app reader. It's working as expected now, thanks!