Using URL scheme to lookup one headword?

I have an anki deck where most of the headwords are bigrams (i.e. two characters). I’m trying to implement the URL scheme to look up JUST one or the other word, not the compound word.

for example, this is roughly what I’m trying to achieve:

Headword: 幼稚

Click to open Pleco for 幼

Click to open Pleco for 稚

Obviously I manually set up each of those links, so I’m wondering if there’s a way to automatically ignore the first/last character in the headword.

Said another way, is there a way to get it so that it looks up only a word in a specific position?


Staff member
Not something we support via Pleco URLs - closest you could get would be to have Pleco open to the chars tab from which you could then tap on a particular character to drill down into.

However, you could probably work out a way to automatically construct separate links for each character in your Anki template in JavaScript.