Using pleco to create lists from books?


This would be such a killer feature I'd be willing to pay money for, either the ability to make lists or at least to buy some.

For example, a lot of people use Pleco to read books... this might be classics like 三国演义,西游记,or more modern stuff. We are also using SRS software, whether it's pleco flashcards, anki, etc. It'd be amazing to be able to study the words in these books ahead of time, in order to facilitate reading. I haven't found any lists for books (if anyone knows of some, I'd love the pointer!). Regardless, pleco has access to a ton of dictionaries, and (technology wise) could easy generate these word lists given a text.

Would this be a possibility??


Staff member
Possible, yes - lots of steps being taken in this direction which you'll start to see more of in 4.0.