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Discussion in 'Pleco for Android' started by mikelove, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. mikelove

    mikelove 皇帝 Staff Member

    The preference should remain checked - text remains the same but the checkbox becomes active and stays active when you exit and re-enter. If that's not the case then it seems like Pleco is failing to write to its preferences files.
  2. HW60

    HW60 状元

    In New Test, landscape mode, the border between the left and right side looks a little bit strange, both on Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and HTC One X.

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  3. mikelove

    mikelove 皇帝 Staff Member

    Looks like it's working as designed but just sized a bit weirdly - we should probably get the handwriting input bar to match up with / neatly overlap the buttons.
  4. phz

    phz 秀才

    Pleco is running stable without even a single crash for months (!) and I am happy with the interface at all.
    Will soon update from 4.4.4 custom ROM to LineageOS and will comment if problems occur.
    There are only minor points I've noticed so far.

    Positive things I've noticed:
    - I absoluty fell in love with kai character style and am really grateful for this addition

    Neutral things I've noticed:
    - I kind of miss an responsive update checker (info on (1) timestamp of the last completed update procedure and (2) the latest version check)
    - changing between song/kai character style seems to be possible only via character stroke window at the moment (maybe adding an option to settings does make sense)
    - a responsive load time checker would greatly help to work on the startup of pleco (mine slowed down to 1.5seconds and I would like to know if I can improve this by internal settings)
    - there could be an automatic backup feature for settings and flashcards (to minimize the risk of data loss by uploading or emailing those 1-2 files you can create manually)
    - I constantly backup both cards and database (via Import/Export) and have no idea if this is even necessary for a full backup (a general description is missing for these options)

    Negative things I've noticed:
    - when I try to use Fill-in-the-blanks Pronunciation input, I cannot use my SwiftKey Keyboard but only a stock Keyboard (so I avoid this test mode at all)
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  5. mikelove

    mikelove 皇帝 Staff Member

    Responsive update checker: not quite clear on this; we already pop up update prompts in the non-Play version, we just only check once a week because we assume a large % of people running that version are on terrible or expensive internet connections. Do you basically just want the update status to be always available in a settings screen somewhere?

    Song/Kai toggle: this is actually a bit awkward to make into a setting because some characters are only available in one style or the other. Basically we remember whatever the last thing you manually toggled to is and default to that (as we do in a couple of other places with similar partial-availability problems, like the popup definition bubble dictionary selector) - translating that to a setting feels like it'd just sow confusion.

    Load time check: we're pretty confident that can't be improved by settings. Pretty much anything at a level that can be done optionally in settings can also be deferred until after the app has loaded; most of our app's actual load time is taking place before our code even runs, the reason it's gotten slightly worse in the last few years is because our app keeps getting bigger as we add new features and so there's ever more stuff that Android needs to load into memory on startup.

    Our load time has actually grown considerably more slowly than average mobile device CPU performance, so we expect most users haven't noticed (any slight slowdown was more than canceled out by their last hardware upgrade), but if your device is old enough to run a 4-year-old version of Android then about the only load time solution I can suggest is that you switch to our old version 2 ( which is a lot smaller + hence should load a lot faster.

    We do automatically prompt you to back up flashcards once a week by default; you could probably also configure a third-party backup utility to back them up manually. You don't need to export the cards to back them up, a 'backup database' should be enough - we're working on a consolidated backup system for 4.0 (everything would end up in a single database file, even settings).

    If you turn on "Use builtin input method" in New Test / Test Settings, that should let you use SwiftKey.
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  6. antonbond

    antonbond 秀才

    I find the swapping of button positions in the different screens rather inconvenient. Hope the buttons stay in the same positions, especially the SOUND button.
  7. pdwalker

    pdwalker 进士

    Definitely a useful feature to have. Thanks.
  8. mikelove

    mikelove 皇帝 Staff Member

    Good point, though I'd be wary of making the popup reader buttons function differently in the flashcard screen versus other screens; there's a decent case to be made for moving the audio button to the top right corner in the popup reader too, though.
  9. Michal

    Michal 秀才

    Hi, General/Fonts/Enlarge Chinese characters still works fine in the dictionary, but no longer in the flashcards, unless I missed a setting somewhere. Version 3.2.47. A solution would be appreciated, thank you. M.

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