User dictionaries


Like everyone else, I'm eagerly looking forward to the Project Catalyst-enabled desktop version of Pleco: I've always worked with Wenlin and various custom dictionaries for Mac OS's open, and it'll be wonderful to be able to ditch my kludgey setup for something better.

I've taken to creating my own project-specific dictionaries in Airtable for stuff I'm working on -- nothing fancy, just "[word] - [definition] - [type of thing] - [notes] - [source]" -- and would dearly love to be able to move this part of my workflow into Pleco as well, either through multiple dictionaries or a single 'user' dictionary. (I know some people use the flashcard system for similar purposes, but my use case requires something more tightly tied into dictionary search and reader functionality.) Are there any plans to add anything along these lines in future versions? Sharable user dictionaries would be particularly awesome, but I guess that'd raise all kinds of copyright issues.


Staff member
Yes; we already support user dictionaries, and in current development builds of 4.0 those an *extremely* capable custom field system; can create as many fields as you like, import/export them, full-text index them, and layer pretty much any arbitrary text transform you can think of on top of that. And can embed links to other entries in Pleco and expand those links inline (with no DRM / sharing concerns because they remain just links).