Upgrading to a new PDA

I find it frustrating to upgrade to a new PDA because while I would like to try new ones out for some time before deciding on them, I need to have both PDAs have the same Hotsync name in order to have password protected software like Pleco's work on both PDAs.

This creates havoc on the new PDA because of all the problems of Hotsyncing the same data and programs on two different PDAs (Clie specific stuff gets on my Zire). :(

Any suggestions?


Staff member
Well officially you're only supposed to be using the dictionary on one PDA at once, but unofficially: probably the best way to avoid getting the data from two different PDA's mucked up is simply to disable the backup features of HotSync Manager; that way, it will neither back up nor restore the data files on each PDA. Note that this also means your data files such as the Oxford Dictionary's flashcards won't be getting backed up (though I imagine you won't want to be doing much with those when you're alternating between PDA's anyway).

I'm assuming you're running Windows, though this works pretty much the same way for Mac OS.

To disable backup, right-click on the HotSync icon on the status bar at the bottom of the screen and choose "Custom...". In the screen that appears, choose "System" or "Backup" (which one will depend on your version of HotSync), press the "Change" button, select "Do Nothing" and "Set As Default", and press Done. That should disable HotSync backups and keep the files on the two devices separate. I'm not sure if this is necessary, but you might want to also move or rename the Backup folder in your Palm Desktop user folder - that will further reduce the possibility of files getting copied between the devices.
Thanks, Mike, for your response back 16 years ago! I'm looking forward now to add Pleco to my iPhone 8 as I restart my Chinese language studies. How technology changes. :) Glad to see how Pleco is still going strong. Respect!