Updated addon dictionaries worthwhile?

If I update to the new versions of CEDICT and Adsotrans, then my flashcards will have invalid entries. So, I wonder whether it is worthwhile to upgrade and have to deal with 2 versions of the same dictionary. What exactly are the differences between the old version and the new version. Also, will a future version of Plecodict (2.0?) make this upgrade more painless?

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More words in CEDICT, more refined definitions in Adso. Also, the Adso database now has traditional characters. As far as whether it's worth the upgrade, I probably wouldn't bother - a bunch of people (including CEDICT's current editor) have sent e-mails asking us to update the databases, so we did, but if you're happy with the current ones I don't know that you'll see that much improvement in the new versions.

And yes, we're planning to make this process nearly seamless in 2.0, along with releasing more frequent database updates.