[Unrelated] Pinyin Hero (idea!)

Pinyin Hero.png

Maybe a stupid idea, but this is a mock-up of how you could test the pinyin of your flashcard collection. While I have no idea how the Pleco v4.0's flashcard system is going to work, and I have my doubt as to the relevance of such a "test mode". I still think it could be an interesting approach to memorizing the pronunciation behind words.

You can change the buttons to whatever colour you associate with the 5 tones. And maybe as a "help", you could show the pinyin next to the character's bottom right.

Just thought I'd post it here.. And some other places. Otherwise this idea would bug me to no end. So, I'd rather scream it into the void that is the internet.
Great idea! It would perhaps even work with speech recognition, so you would have to pronounce the words that are flying in your direction fast enough. I'm sure someone will implement it at some point.
... It would perhaps even work with speech recognition ...
Yeah, although knowing voice recognition of singular words characters... I can't say I'm too confident it would be “usable". Still, if you really want to improve your pronunciation the app to download is "普通话学习" (More info here).

As that app also takes in mind whether your pronunciation is to standard and will test you on it.

I think it would also work with single characters, because in this case, the game would only need to check if the pronunciation matches approximately, since it already knows the word you are tested on.

It would probably be better for training pronunciation recall than pronunciation quality, as you are asked to come up with and speak it quite quickly. (faster as you progress through the levels)

Thanks for the screenshot.
I like this idea. In the past, I found that the "games" Quizlet has (very similar concept!) were fun ways to increase fluency through repetition/overlearning.