UMPC and Plecodict


I have at the moment a Tungsten E2 on which I have installed Plecodict which I am also very pleased (I'll be really glad when beta 4 version of Pleco 2.0 will be released :D !) I also installed on my device an English dictionary - french Harrap's Shorter SlovoEd ( that I can use with Plecodict if the case I don't understand a word in English, as well as KingHanzi :
In short, I use almost exclusively my device for Chinese!
The concept of the UMPC is very attractive because the device is much less cumbersome than a traditional portable (laptop ?) and holds up much less space. We can then use it in front of the television or in bed, just like a book. The touch screen is an undeniable plus especially for someone learning Chinese. The character recognition saving time compared to a search by key, often boring, especially for a beginner (as in my case!)
I would be tempted by a Samsung Q1 (I think that the ergonomics of its "younger brother", the Q1 Ultra is not very good) but it is still a little less expensive to buy second-hand but that case, the device will be any more under guarantee !
On the site of ( I found a really good looking UMPC I can fairly affordable (€ 554.95): UBiQUiO 701 Ultra-Mobile PC, which is available from Expansys :
However, I wonder if the UMPC currently on the market are compatible with the software that I have just mentioned, in particular Plecodict.

What do you think about it?


I don't believe so. Unless they run Palm OS or Windows Mobile, then they can't.


(Though I have heard of devices that can emulate Palm OS, so they will, eventually, be able to run Pleco Dict. But not yet, sadly.)


Ok, a more thorough look at the images says that no, it will *NOT* run PlecoDict yet, as it runs Windows XP. While I understand a desktop version will come out at some point, I don't know when it will come out. Until then, PDAs are still the only option for PlecoDict.