Two issues



I have replaced my computer, installed BlueStacks and Pleco to my new computer and I have come across two problems which did not exist in my previous computer.

First of all, I cannot copy something from windows and paste it on Bluestacks/Pleco. The copy+paste does not work on Bluestacks/Pleco.
Second, the Cantonese pronunciation is missing. There is not even a thing to click for the pronunciation.

The example sentence has that sound symbol, but no sound comes out when I click on it.

I would really appreciate any help to fix these issues. Thank you very much in advance


Staff member
Unfortunately with BlueStacks there's a limited amount we can do to fix problems of integration with Windows like this.

For Cantonese audio, it may be that your text-to-speech engine is not reporting that it supports Cantonese - is there a different option you can try for 'system tts engine' in Pleco Settings / Audio?

Copy-and-paste would be entirely a BlueStacks thing, unfortunately - perhaps there's some sort of permission about BlueStacks (or Pleco-in-Bluestacks) accessing the clipboard?


Thank you Mike.

The Cantonese audio issue fixed itself when I purchased one of the Cantonese voices. The copy/paste thing problem, however, still goes on.