Tuttle dictionaries - additional sentences

I bought the Tuttle C-E dictionary, which has been invaluable as a source of sentences.

I don't have any need for an E-C dictionary itself, but the Tuttle E-C dictionary says it also has a lot of example sentences provided with it.

1) Are these sentences separate to the C-E dictionary sentences?
2) Will they show up as additional sentences in the same place as the C-E dictionary sentences? Or would they only be accessible when using the E-C dictionary?


Hi chinawagon,

1): They appear to be separate sentences. A full-text search of part of one sentence of Tuttle E-C only turned up that single result, and nothing from the Tuttle C-E dictionary.
2): Unfortunately, the additional sentences don't extend the C-E dictionary directly, but they will show up in the SENTS tab, as will sentences from other dictionaries.

Cheers, hope this helps,