Trouble using imported Chinese-Spanish word list to make custom flashcards

Dear Pleco staff, I have been using your great app on my android phone (Sony Experia) for a few months.
Recently I have begun compiling a Chinese-Spanish word list out of a Chinese-Spanish paper dictionary I own.
I especially want to create Flashcards learn these words, but would like to create a custom dictionary as well.
However I have been having some trouble in creating flashcards.

I have followed the instructions for the importing format as
Chinese words<tab>Pinyin<tab>Definition

The Excel file looks like this (1 is the row, ABC are the columns):
1 这消息是真的啊? zhè xiāoxi shì zhēn de ā? ¿Es cierta la noticia?

I have saved my list in CSV UTF-8 format, so each of the three parts are in different columns as shown above (numbers are letters are just illustrative).
Then I go to "Import / Export" > "Import Cards" on the Pleco app.
I select the file CSV file I have saved into my phone.

In regards to the Import Cards options,
"File Format" is UTF-8
For "Definitions" I choose "File only" (Since they're in Spanish)
Then I click "Begin Import" and they are saved into "Uncategorized". Up to here, there is no problem.

The problem is that in spite of following the above mentioned format, for each row, all 3 parts are shown together in the cards.
That is, the Chinese words, the pinyin and the definition all form part of the same line.

For instance, using the above example, the Chinese word entry looks like
这消息是真的啊?,zhè xiāoxi shì zhēn de ā?,¿Es cierta la noticia?

And the Pinyin and Definition sections are empty.
Is there something I am doing wrong?

Thank you in advance for your help.
Dear Pleco Team,
I found a solution to the issue I was having...
I just changed the Pinyin from the accent format to the number format (eg. duo1hao3...)
And then the app processed all entries correctly.

I am glad that I am able to use these cards now on Pleco.
I think you have one of the best Flashcard systems out there!

All the best.