Trouble importing flashcards (Pleco 3.2.36, iPad)


We've recently switched tutors and are having difficulty importing the flashcard files she is providing. The only error we get is "Import Failed (Unknown Error)". She is generating an XML file; I'm not sure what program she is using (but have asked her).

In the meantime, I'm attaching a sample file that generates the error. The XML superficially looks fine, though afaik the format is undocumented anyway.

Any ideas what/where the problem may be?

Many thanks!


The file looks OK but the file extension should be .xml, not .txt - does it help if you change that?
Thanks for the reply. The original extension was .xml (I changed the extension to .txt so the forum would allow the upload). I'm completely perplexed: it rejects mine every time with that error message.
Hi Monrandria,

as a last resort, you could convert the XML file to a Pleco text flashcards file using Search & Replace. I've done it for this file and called it "Lesson 1". The format you need to convert it into looks like this:

<<Simplified headword>>[<<Traditional headword>>]\t<<pinyin>>

(\t stands for a tab)





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It seems to import fine here. Very odd... which folder are you opening it from? Try this: go into the Pleco "Settings" screen / Miscellaneous / "Force legacy file chooser", then go back and select / import the file again - does that work any better? (this might actually be a file permissions issue rather than a data format issue)
Hi all,

Well, solved, sort of (though I fear this won't help anyone else). Somehow the file must have become corrupted in the file digestion stage. I met with the tutor now, and imported using the iOS -> iOS connection feature, and everything worked just fine.

The way we did it before: it was emailed to us (the version emailed is the sample I posted, so that must have been fine), then I opened the file (in email reader) and when asked to select an app, selected Pleco to open the file. It appeared to digest the file, but refused to import it. (I'm not sure what to call the two phases of importing.)

So, anyway, everything's fine, and thanks for all the help! I wish I could provide more assistance to the next person facing this issue.

Pleco has been a life-saver.
Hi Monrandria,

you're welcome! Hopefully with iOS 13, file sharing between apps will become more reliable again.