Too many flashcards to learn with SRS


Hello everyone,

I'm currently using Pleco SRS system with flascards to learn chinese. Everyday I learn about 10-15 words, and I enter them in my dictionnary. After I start a test on SRS mode, and I include with all my cards - I have about 1330 cards now - My problem is that I have a lot of cards to learn per day. About 200 to 250 per day. It increases everyday in fact. I think 200 is too much, it would like to review maybe 150 words per day. Is a setup exists to fix my problem ?

I give you my Pleco settings : in card selection system, I put "100 points per day", card learned if score >=400, limit new cards per day to 15. By the way, I know I can use the option "maximum unlearned", but I really want to include the new cards I learned to review them. I also want to regularly to change and see my old flashcards too not forgive them, so I don't think it is a good option. I don't if you can help me, but .. anyway, thank you in advance ! EP


You would just need to learn fewer new words per day. Any other settings change would be causing you to see every card less. If you think you could deal with seeing some cards less often, go into "scoring" and turn on "prompt for recall quality" and use "remembered perfectly" for cards you want to see repeat less often.