Tips for large flashcard backlog


Hi. For several reasons I couldn't review my flashcards for more than one month and now I have a backlog of 3000 cards to review.
It's quite overwhelming and affects my motivation to resume the everyday reviewing. Other than spending a full weekend devoted to getting it back to zero again, is there any shortcut or trick to make this task simpler?
I tried reducing the "points per day" from 100 to 1, and the cards ready to review become 300 instead of 3000, which helps with motivation, and then I can slowly increase until it's back to 100. But I'm not sure if doing this will affect the SRS somehow.

Any other tips?

Thank you!


Hi Kaimi,

perhaps you could back up the database, edit the cards' statistics directly, and then restore the edited database. It would be quite a hack, but you could try multiplying all the cards' scores by a constant factor (1.5 or 2) or increasing the Last reviewed date so that Pleco thinks they need to be reviewed less. If you're into Python, you could use:

to program a script that would batch-edit all the cards for you.

Or you could use Organize Flashcards > Batch to increase the score for all cards by a percentage amount. Before trying this, I would also create a backup of the flashcard database first, just in case.

Of course, Mike probably knows best which values to change, and by how much.

Good luck!

You’re welcome,